“ Below you can find the answers to the questions that you have in mind about Virtual Fair with Online Fair Fair.Let’s shape the trade together “

1- When will Virtual Fairs be opened?

Virtual Fairs will be opened on 16 August 2020 and it will be held 365 days online.

2- Where will Virtual Fairs be held?

Virtual Fairs will be held digitally on the platform.

3- Is there an entrance fee for Virtual Fairs?

Entrance to Virtual Fairs is free.

4- What are the visiting hours of Virtual Fairs?

Virtual Fairs can be visited online 24/7 and 365 days between 16 August 2020 and 16 August 2021.

5- What are the Goals of the Virtual Fair?

Organizing private sectoral exhibitions by gathering sectoral companies at the fair and making variety of exhibitors to attend these fairs.

Providing new business cooperation opportunities for participating companies.

Increasing the domestic and international trade volumes due to the increase of the commercial potential of private sector institutions.

Ensuring the continuity of employment by the commercial sustainability of private sector organizations operating in our country.

Minimizing the negative impact on Turkey’s economy and international trade.

Increasing the export potential of participating private companies.

Contributing to increasing the export volume of our country.

6- What are the Features of Virtual Fairs?

a- Ease of Access
The digital fair portal, which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone, can be easily visited over the internet. With the digital fair supported from all browsers, target audiences can be easily reached via online.

b- Modern Technology
It is possible to get quick and practical results from the fairs carried to the digital world with the online platform that combines the concept of the classic fair with today’s modern technology and offers technological solutions with continuous improvements.

c- Live Support Request
Live support service is provided for visitors and exhibitors via online, from the start of the fair to the end of the fair.

d- High Visitor Capacity
Thanks to the infrastructure of the digital fair, the exhibition area, which is limited in classical fairs, is eliminated in digital fairs.

e- Live Chat & Video
At the stands, where live visitors can interact, the representatives of the participating institutions can simultaneously manage the stand and interact with the visitors.

f- Sponsorship and Advertising Areas
Both the exhibitors and other institutions and organizations will be able to advertise or sponsor for the designated areas outside the virtual stands.

g- Detailed Statistics
Statistics such as the number of visitors participating in the fair, demographic informations, stand visit informations etc. will be reported to the owner and exhibitor institutions at the end of the fair.

h- Retrospective Fair Information
The visitor contact informations recorded at the online fairs, gives opportunity to reduce visitor’s contact loss to zero more than physical fairs. It is possible to have all the contact informations of the visitors who both visit & communicate with your company, and the visitors who don’t communicate with you but visit your company.

i- Low Cost & High Access
Without costly expenses such as accommodation, transportation brought by physical fairs, you can connect to anywhere in the world and expand the access of the company on the Internet.

“ The biggest reward is the one you have accomplished. ”

There must be a virtual fair for you too. Register your company in virtual fairs.

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